Learn About Threat Modeling Methodology and Tooling

Threat modeling is a method to better understand threats that may impact your IT landscape, application, business process or your entire business. This website is dedicated to teaching and documenting threat modeling from methodology through to tooling.

The Threats Faced by Your Business and IT landscape Are Evolving. Are Your Methods At Finding Threats Evolving Too?

Your business relies more and more on IT to function, from finding and servicing customers to running mission critical business processes (and keeping the lights on).

Yet threats that may negatively impact your business and IT are increasing in number and sophistication. On top of that, your IT environment is getting more complex and connected through the cloud.

Threat modeling can help to understand potential threats. Learning how to perform threat modeling effectively can be a challenge. But we’re here to help!


Learn about the various threat modeling methods such as STRIDE, PASTA, LINDDUN and Persona non Grata.


We have a full list of threat modeling tools that can help to perform threat modeling.


Templates can help to kickstart the process. We have lots of free templates available.


We believe that you learn best from practical and real world examples. We have lots of examples cases and threat models available.


PASTA Threat Modeling

STRIDE Threat Modeling