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Our Threat Modeling Tool Helps you to Perform Structured Threat Modeling at Scale

It’s easy to get started with threat modeling and gain initial security value from it. However, rolling out structured threat modeling at scale is a different matter. Our threat modeling tool helps you to get the most of threat modeling, in order to apply security by design and default.

  • Powerful assessment engine to understand potential threats and security weakness.
  • Flexible Diagram engine to visualize components and communication flows in play.
  • Clear reporting and metrics for compliance demonstration.

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Learn about the various threat modeling methods such as STRIDE, PASTA, LINDDUN, and Persona non Grata.


We have a full list of threat modeling tools that can help to perform threat modeling. Including our own threat modeling tool.


Templates can help to kickstart the process. We have lots of free templates available.


We believe that you learn best from practical and real-world examples. We have lots of example cases and threat models available.

Threat Modeling

Threat modeling is a practice to identify potential threats and security issues that may negatively impact an application, an IT system, or a business process, and then developing relevant security requirements as countermeasures to threats. By applying threat modeling you can embed security by design as early as possible in the (secure) development process. Threat modeling comes in many shapes, and sizes. There isn’t…

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CISO Security Mind Map 2023

Why should you study my CISO security mind map 2023? Information and cyber security is a complex and evolving capability that every company must deal with. But what is it? How do you know you’re working on the rights topics and domains, and how do you know you’re doing a good enough job? These are difficult questions to answer. To help define what is…

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Threat Modeling Terminology

In this article I’ll provide an explanation of commonly used threat modeling terminology. These are all terms that you’ll no doubt hear about if involved in threat modeling. Note that depending on the type of threat modeling that you perform, the company you work with, the product or service you provide, the industry that you’re in, etc., determine which terms you are more or…

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Threat Modeling with STRIDE using a Threat Modeling Tool

Threat modeling with STRIDE using a threat modeling tool is a great way to get started with threat modeling right away, without the complexities of 1) developing a customized threat modeling methodology, and 2) having to learn manual threat modeling. So how can you get started? That’s easy: Sign up to use our threat modeling tool for free, and get started in minutes! In…

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The Challenges of Rolling Out Threat Modeling at a Large Company

The challenges of rolling out threat modeling at a large company are many. In this article, I’ll explain these challenges and present potential solutions. These are not the only challenges, and these are not the only solutions. But they’re a good starting point. Threat Modeling Training at Scale Challenge: It is difficult to teach a large group of people about threat modeling, which is…

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The Advantages of Using a Threat Modeling Tool for PASTA

The advantages of using a threat modeling tool for PASTA consist of: Easier PASTA threat modeling for the team. Less training and knowledge are required for the team because they’re following the steps outlined by the tool. Easier registration of PASTA threat modeling results because the results are automatically stored in the tool. Better follow-up of countermeasures from PASTA threats because the countermeasures are…

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